General Relativity & Mathematical Physics Group

Postal address
Departamento de Física, CINVESTAV-IPN, Av. IPN 2508, 07000 Ciudad de México, D.F., México
Tels: (+52-55)5061-7000 & (+52-55)5061-3800
Fax: (+52-55)5747-7098
(fotógrafo: Carlos Soto, MSc.)
Faculty (alphabetical order)
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Juan Ayón Beato
Research interests
Relativity, Gravitation and Geometrical Methods in Physics.
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Riccardo Capovilla
Professor (3D)
Ph. D. Univ. of Maryland, USA (1991)
Research interests
:  Gauge Theories, Hamiltonian Methods, Quantum Gravity.
Ext. : 6182 
Office No.: 50-A

Hugo García Compean
Ph. D. CINVESTAV México (1994)

Research interests : String Theory, Self-Dual Gravity
Publications (SPIRES Database)
Ext. : 6131 
Office No.: 25-A

Alberto García Díaz
Professor (3E)
Ph.D. Univ. Lomonosov, Russia (1990)
Research interests
:Exact Solutions in General Relativity
Ext. : 6125 
Office No.: 30-A

Vladimir S. Manko
Professor (3C)
Ph.D. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (1986)
Research interests : Special and Genaral Relativity, Exact Solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell field Equations.
Ext. : 6132 
Office No.: 5-A

Tonatiuh Matos Chassin
Professor (3D)
Ph.D.   U. Friedrich Schiller, Jena Germany

Research interests : Theoretical Astrophysics
and Dark Matter. Cosmology, Dark Energy and Brane Theory. Higher Dimensional Theories and Dilaton Gravity. Scalar Field Dark Matter. Numerical Relativity, Oscillatons (Bose-Einstein Condensates in the Universe). Wormholes. Harmonic Maps and Chiral Equations (Non-linear Sigma Models). Bäcklund Transformations.
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Ext. : 6134 
Office No.: 7-A

Merced Montesinos
Research interests
: i) quantum properties of matter fields coupled to gravity, ii) the "problem of time" and the issue of "observables" in general relativity, iii) canonical quantization of generally covariant systems with finite degrees of freedom as toy models to test some properties present in realistic theories as general relativity and string theory.
Ext.: 6180
Fax: (52)5747 7096
Office No.: 49-A

Jerzy F. Plebanski †
Professor (3F)
Ph.D. University of Warsaw (1954-2005)
Research interests
: Exact Solutions and Complex Remannian Geometry
Ext. : 6161
Office No.: 22-A


Guests and frequent visitors

Elena Cáceres
Ph.D, University of Texas at Austin, 1996
Research interests
: String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Gauge/Gravity Duality.
Ext. : 6114  
Office No.: 3-A

David Lowe
Ph.D. Princeton University (1993)
(visiting from Brown University)
Research interests : Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity, String Theory, Black Hole Physics
Ext.: 6116  
Office No.:

Maciej Prazanowski
Research interests : Complex Relativity, Deformation Quantization, Integrable systems.
Ext. : 6169
Office No.: 22-A

Norma Quiróz
Ph.D.  Cinvestav, IPN, Max-Planck-Institut fur Gravitationsphysik, Albert-Einstein Institut (2001).
Research interests : String Theory, D-branes and boundary states formalism.
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Office No.: 46-A

César Terrero
Research interests:
Cosmology, Cosmic Acceleration.
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Office No.: 46-A

Francisco Turrubiates
Research interests
: Deformation Quantization, QFT.
Ext. : 6169
Office No.: 4-A